An Epic Musical Production

Featuring some of Perth's best Rock and Orchestral music talent, The Diments Rock Opera is a dark tragedy about falling from grace into the realms of chaos, and the search for the road to redemption. 

The interactive stage production includes a full rock band with accompanying orchestration, 4 singers, 7 characters and 4 amazing dancers.

Just four shows - October 4 to 7

Nexus Theatre at Murdoch University

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Eddie has it all

Eddie has it all

Eddie Diment believes he has it all - money, power, a beautiful woman by his side - until the discovery of his wife's infidelity and the murder of his brother turns his world upside down. 

Layla wants it all

Layla wants it all

Layla Diment is flying high. Married to the town’s wealthiest man and keeping a hot young lover on the side, it seems as though nothing can go wrong. That is until her husband Eddie catches her in the act and her lover is murdered. 

Barry loses it all

Barry loses it all

Barry Diment was always a rebel at heart. Opting to shed responsibility and living off his trust fund, he left his older brother Eddie to run the family’s business and travelled the world on his trusty bike. Barry returns to his hometown for his brother’s wedding where he finally meets the woman of his dreams. Unfortunately, he is about to find out that for him, death is only the beginning.

More than just a show...

Big songs... Big cast... Visually and musically spectacular... The Diments Rock Opera is more than just show... it's a night out where fancy dress is not only an option... it is the only option...

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What can I expect from the show?

The Diments strive to take theatrical rock performances by the likes of Alice Cooper, Kiss, Iron Maiden etc to a new level by adding orchestration, singers in full costumes and make up, acting and dancing. The show will be a blend of dramatic musical-like storytelling, and an engaging rock concert. Similar to a rock concert, the show feeds off the audience’s energy and we encourage you to be active in your participant as you would on a rock concert.

What is a Rock Opera Anyway?

An Opera is defined by a story that is being told through a sequence of music. A Rock Opera is the same except the musical pallet one can expect is rooted in rock rather than classical music. It is not unlike a musical except all dialogue is 100% sung and there are no scenes in between songs.

How long does the show go?

The production is 75 minutes long.

Is the show suitable for kids?

The show does feature adult themes and dark tones but nothing too graphic. It would be appropriate for teens, but could be scary for young kids.

Do I really need to dress up?

You don’t have to dress up, but we strongly encourage you to. Dressing up doesn’t mean you have to go out of your way, a bandana, bracelet or boots could be enough. Dress as you would when going to a rock concert. Dress as your favourite rocker. Dress gothic or demonic, just don’t be the only person that doesn’t make an effort…

Of course, if you do go all out, you had better beware that you may get some special attention from The Diments’ Demons.

Will there be more shows aside from these dates?

Being first of our kind in Perth, it is a bit of an experiment. Should we fare well – yes, for sure. But, for now we have only planned for the announced shows, it might be your only chance to see this live – so get on it!

Are you bringing the show to the Eastern States?

Continuing the answer from the previous question – The Diments is comprised from Perth local talent. As such we want first to succeed in our home turf before embarking on to the Eastern States. It is not something we are ruling out, but current plan is for Perth shows only.

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